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Hi Everyone!

I wanted to just do a simple, cute aesthetically pleasing blog post.

Forever 21.

 Charlotte Russe.
Both Forever 21.

Colourpop’s Lady.  
TJ Maxx.

Makeup look coming up on my youtube channel soon!  




Girly Grunge 


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 Hi everyone!!

Todays look is a chic and girly grunge look. It’s inspired from American Horror Story (one of my favorite shows), so if you want to know where I got this- keep reading!

This cute t-shirt dress is from Forever 21. I love how simple it is and the grey pocket is an amazing touch to it. The slit is also just the right height, but I still wore some regular black shorts underneath- the ones here I bought at Rue 21.

 Adding the hat was the key part of this look- mine is from Forever 21 and it was only $12! Target has similar too. The statement necklace is from Charlotte Russe and helps add the chicness to the outfit. To keep with the grunge aspect I also wore a black choker (you can’t really see it here) but I purchased it at Topshop.  
Finishing off the look I added a casual black, rectangle purse from Forever 21. For shoes I wore my strappy, black sandals from a local boutqiue.

That’s all for today everyone 🙂



Business Chic


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Hi guys!!

I’ve missed you all, but I’ve been so busy lately I needed to step away for a few- all is well now so I’m back 🙂

First thing, yes I dyed my hair! It’s a purple/pink color now. This day I went for a classy, business look, but amped it up and made it a little more girly, chic.

My high-necked crop top is from Forever 21 and underneath is a croptop/bralette also from there. My cardigan is from a local boutique- I only wore it because it was a little cold. My necklace is from Charlotte Russe and is amazing quality.

  There high-waisted jeans are from (who would of guessed) Forever 21. I love their jeans! Amazing quality plus they have a wide selection of styles.

For shoes I decided on only wearing flip-flops since I was at the beach for a little this day. If you want the full effect for this look I suggest wearing some classic, black ballet flats or even some black heels.

Thanks for reading and if you have any suggestions comment them! Btw I’m also starting up my youtube channel again so click here to subscribe 🙂



OOTD // OOTN: Hollywood


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Hi everyone!!

So recently I went on a day trip to Hollywood for some quick shopping & a concert / music video shoot. I am OBSESSED with this outfit, so bear with me as I post a bunch of pictures from this day!


Here is the overall look for the day. It is simple, but still quite high-fashion. I actually did a mini, iPhone 6 photo shoot at the Pink Wall before the event! I recommend going if you have some time in LA.

I was working ALL my angles here. Loving my outfit, my hair, and my makeup! I’ll be posting a hair tutorial for this look soon 🙂

Outfit Details:

Top: Underwire Bustier from American Apparel

Skirt: Bodycon Lace Skirt from Rue 21

Shoes: Platfrom Heels from Target



Week In Vegas Fashion


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Here is the Part Two of my vacation looks! I took on Vegas and just relaxed here, but it was loads of fun still.
The first day I was in Vegas, I stayed at a hotel that had a mall in it so it’s where I went this day. I just wore some regular blue jeans and a floral shirt that says ‘my love is not free’. 

The next day I forgot to take a picture of my outfit– I don’t know how, but it happened ://. Anyways I wore some black leggings, a red cropped t-shirt and a red flannel tied around my waist. For shoes I wore some black sandals.

Friends Day:

The next day I hung out with some friends at their hotel and we went out to eat. Nothing big, but my outfit was cute. I wore some high-waisted denim shorts and a flowy striped crop top.

Concert Day:  
This day we all went to a concert and I forgot to take a picture of my outfit– so I cropped my friend out of this picture (sorry). But I wore a long sleeved, lacey crop top and a black skater skirt. For shoes I just wore some black booties— whole outfit from Forever 21! I usually wear all black to concert, I don’t know why, but it’s just easy HAHA.

 Chill & Go Home Day: 
Sadly my vacation was now over 😦 I met with my friends and we hung out for a little before we all went home. I kept it simple with an aztec printed romper and black sandals- which I obviously don’t have on here.

So, that’s my Vegas style in a week! I hope you enjoyed. If you have any questions just comment then below 🙂



Week In LA Style


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Last month I went on vacation for almost two weeks, so I thought I’d share with you what I wore. I went to many different places and my outfits reflects the activies for that day!

Belly Button Piercing:   

The first day I was in LA, some friends and I went and got piercings! I have been dying to get my belly button pierced, so I finally made it happen. I kept the outfit flowy just for the purpose of getting the piercing. I wore high-waisted black skinny jeans and a floral printed cropped tank top– both from Forever 21. For shoes I wore black booties. This picture isn’t the best, but you get the jist of the outfit 🙂

BeautyCon LA:

BeautyCon is almost a whole day event and for this I went all out. I wore a white, strappy crop top bralette shirt — I don’t have a link to this since it’s from a local shop, sorry! With it I wore a high-waisted, knee-length black pencil skirt. For shoes, I kept it simple and wore some black heels from Target 🙂

Fetty Wap Concert:  
This was actually two days after the last outfit, but those days I didn’t go out so I lounged around in PJ’s. The Fetty Wap concert was crazy and long, but so much fun– I recommend going to one! I wore and cropped black t-shirt and black ruffled mini-shirt. For shoes I wore black Jordan’s. I made sure easy to dance and not to heavy since it was so hot in there.

Shopping Day:

The next day I was SO tired, but happy to be in LA and declared it a shopping day. I wore some flowy high-waisted shorts from a local store and a pink flowy top from Forever 21. I had a simple black purse to keep my wallet in on my shoulder and wore some black sandals (my feet hurt from standing so long the night before).

Beach/Chill Day:  I just needed to relax after shopping and the concert, so it was a beach day. I wore a loose white shirt from H&M with a bikini from Victoria’s Secret underneath it & some denim shorts from a local shop by me. I brought a white purse to keep my phone and wallet in and wore black flip-flops for easy beach walking.

Beverly Hills Day:  
This day I decided to explore Beverly Hills and eat at some local places that people love. I wore a flowly aztec printed dress from Forever 21 and paired it with some heeled suede, beige booties. With it I used the same purse from the day before.

The Grove & Urth Date:  
This day I went on an Urth Cafe date with friends and after we walked around the Grove. I wore some gold, strappy heels to make myself seem taller(haha) and I wore some lace shorts from Forever 21 and a sparkly gold crop top from Rue 21. Since it was gloomy this day I wore an olive green button-up over shirt to stay warm.

Exploring LA:

This was my last day in LA, so me and my friends drove around and visited some local spots. For this I wore a lacey, white top and aztec printed shorts with some black booties from Forever 21. I also used the purse I’ve mentioned before!

This was just the first week of my vacation- my LA adventure! I’ll make a separate post for my week in Vegas!

Hope you enjoyed! Until next time 🙂



OOTD: Rhinestone Headpiece


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Hi everyone!

With every look I wear, I try to make one part of it bold. Whether it be your lip color, a print, a texture, or some type of jewelry- they all help make your outfit come together.

In this post I’m going to be talking about headpieces. You don’t normally see people walking around wearing them, so if you decide to wear one it can be a stop and stare kind of thing. They help make an outfit more dressing, and depending on the type more classy as well.

Here is the headpiece I’m featuring today. I bought it from Forever 21 for $6.90, but it’s currently on sale for $4.99 here. It’s elegant enough to add a pop to my outfit I wore, but still casual enough to wear with an everyday look.

I decided to wear the headpiece with a casual, comfy pair of shorts just so the outfit didn’t become too fancy (I couldn’t find the actual pair so here is a simliar pair from Rue 21, the same store).

I wanted my top to be the middle between casual and elegant, so I chose a lace, crotchet off the shoulder shirt. I can’t find a link for it, but it was purchased from Charlotte Russe! Then I finished the look off with some black sandals from a local store.

Pairing textures is something I love to do. My shirt is a more chiffon material whereas my shorts are spandex like. They pair together beautifully and help add a different dimension to the look. Adding a faux leather shoe and the metal from the headpiece makes the outfit really come together.



Create your own visual style…. let it be unique for yourself and yet indentifiable for others.

Orson Welles

Police Brutality: Black Lives Matter


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Police killing other people is a terrible occurence, but in their opinion is what’s needed. I do not believe in any sort of violence, so anything led to killing is disgusting to me. Today I’ll be focusing on the black people who have been killed by police so far this year, but some were killed “for protection of the officers” due to a “weapon being drawn” and others police have been convicted of murdering them in custody.

In January, 23 out of 92 police killings were of black people. In this I’ll be talking about a certain one; Matthew Ajibade.


Matthew, 21, was arrested on January 1st with the accusations of domestic violence, battery, and obstruction of a police officer. Upon arrested his alleged girlfriend told them he had ‘mental problems’ and handed them a bottle of pills he needed to take. Reportedly he injured 3 officers during processing, so he was restrained and later put into an isolation cell- his place of death.

When officers checked on him during his second welfar check they saw his laying there unresponsive. The jail’s first aid came and tried to revive him, but were unable to do so.

After an autospy was done, his death report stated he died from “blunt force trauma … a combination of abrasions, lacerations, skin injuries about the head and some other areas of the body.” Matthew was diagnosed with bipolar disorder three years ago and the police knowing this, didn’t give him the help he needed during this episode- which led to his death because of them.

Nine officers were fired because of this incident. Three are charged with involuntary manslaughter and other charges against the were public record fraud, inmate cruelty, and aggravated assault.

In February, 22 of 86 police killings were of a black person. That’s 26% of the police killings in just one month.


“Get on the ground or you’re f****** dead” are the words a police officer used before shooting 25 year old Lavall Hall five times resulting in his death. Lavall’s mother called police earlier asking for help for him due to him being mentally ill and having an episode. Lavall had a foreign object in his hands the police officer stated as to why he shot him. Reportedly he left the house holding piece of a broom, but the objects indentity was never released.

This incident happened on the day of February 15 around 5 AM. The officer fired five times, as said before, in a row (to see the video click here).

35 of 115 police killings in March were of a black person. The numbers increasing on both sides is terrible. Police carry tasers, but choose to fire a gun instead- which is accordingly “by the book”.

Brandon Jones was an unarmed 18 year old who was shot and killed by police during an arrest around 2 AM. He was allegedly robbing the little store where the incident took place, but being unarmed he didn’t deserve or even need to be killed in that manner. If anything he could have been tasered since the shot was fired from close range.

His mother whilst talking to reporters said, “If he’s unarmed, and there’s two of you all and one of him, why is my baby dead?” Many other who knew him have agreed robbing the store wasn’t okay, but it didn’t need to end with his death. The family was offered money, but they declined only asking for justice for their son.

During April, 29 of the 102 police killings were of people that were black.


Terrance Kellon, only 20 years old, was shot in his house by an ICE officer. He was under investigation for a pizza delivery boy robbery and his house was raided which then led to him being killed. Multipe gun shots were fired from the officer, but they only let out he was shot IN THE BACK and never said where the other shots landed in the house or on Terrance’s body. The officer said it was self defense since Terrance had been arrested before so he was considered a threat.

The officer later said he shot at him once not hitting him resulting in the victim backing up, but then he fired more times not knowing what he was hitting. Reportedly 10 shots were fired during this “raid”.

In May, 25 black people were killed by police, the total number of police related deaths was 83.


29 year old Javoris Washington was shot to death by police while allegedly on a drug known as Flakka. The shooting took place in a home where the man was “barricading” the home with a female “hostage” inside. Police talked to family outside of the building before entering and then talking to the female inside, all of that took around an hour before they pulled out their weapons and killed Javoris.

From previous occurence of police with people high of Flakka they have ‘superhuman’ strength so they shot him out of protection for everyone- he was unarmed. His sister who was talked to after the shooting was unaware of him ever using drugs.

Couldn’t find any reports confirming or denying that Javoris was on Flakka.

20 out of 81 deaths were of black people in the month of June this year.


Alfontish Cockerham was shot by police after allegedly pointing a gun at them. Witnesses have said that he put the gun down and had his hands up right before he was shot. Six shots were fired and all hit him- then officers “handcuffed him and kicked him” a witness also said. After being shot he was taken to the hospital where five days later he passed away due to “complications because of multiple gunshot wounds”. People who knew him have all said he loved music and always walked up and down the street rapping. He was known all over the town for his love for music.

July had the record number of police killings this year (sadly have to say so far) with a number of 125, 24 of them were of people who were black.


This is 43 year old Samuel DuBose who was purposefully shot in the head by an officer at a traffic stop because he didn’t have a front license plate. The officer had a bodycam on and the video is extremely graphic. The officer talked to him for around two minutes asking for his license and Samuel was cooperating and responding back. Samuel then said “I didn’t even do anything” while turning on his ignition which led to the officer reaching in with one hand and the other holding the gun which fired the single shot into Samuel’s head.

All other officers agree that this was wrong doing and have apoligized. The officer is under charges of murder for this horrendous crime. The family is only happy that they get some justice in this. To read more into the officers charges click here. He left behind children, a fiancé, many friends, and other close family.

So far in August, there has been 58 people who were killed by police and 17 were reported being black. This month has also stirred up a lot of uproar due to the severity of police incidents. Black Lives Matter 100%.


Christian Taylor, a 19 year old athlete. His story has gone all around different social media platforms; he was shot by a rookie officer in Arrlington, Texas around 1 AM. He broke into a car dealership and drove his car through the building- yes that’s a crime, but it doesn’t need to result to death. Police arrived on scene and one went to communicate with Christian on his own without a plan of arrest. The officer didn’t talk to him politely, which made him upset but Christian never went near the officer(s), but trying to arrest him on his own wasn’t working out so the officer resulted to shoot him. Christian was unarmed.

After an investigation into this the officer who shot Christian was fired from the force.

The saddest part of this whole story is on Christian’s personal twitter he had said, “Police taking black lives as easy as flippin a coin, with no consequences smh” and “I don’t feel protected by the police”

Some individuals have had previous convictions, but that doesn’t mean that’s who they were at the time of their death. People change and mature; it doesn’t matter your skin color to change. Unfortunately not everyone got justice.

All police should be required to wear body cams.






Transgender Murders


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Between January 2008 and December 2014 there was roughly 1,700 murders of trans and gender diverse people throughout the world. South and Central America took up 78% of those murders. North America was only 8% of those, but here the casualty rate is gradually growing and that is not okay.

So far in the United States, 2015 has accounted for 16 trans murders- most of them being women of color.

Today I’m going to be focusing on some of the most recent trans murders, all of them being women of color.

Ashton O’Hara was found gruesomely murdered on July 14, 2015 in Detriot. Ashton was only 25 years old. He indentified as transgender, but was still choosing to use ‘he/him’ pronouns. His mother, Rebecca O’Hara, said that he knew exactly who he wanted to be since the age of 2 and told her “Mama, you are so pretty, I want to be just like you when I grow up.” People who knew him said Ashton loved performing and was amazing at doing hair. They all said that all the children around admired him.

Larry B. Gaulding, 37, is the suspect for the murder and awaits a first degree murder trial beginning in September.

Amber Monroe, only 20 years old, was found murdered August 8th also in Detriot. She was shot to death leaving her car around 5 AM. This being the third time she had been shot out and unfortunately it resulted in her death. The investigation was all done using ‘he/him’ pronouns and they used “his” biological name. People who knew Amber became angered finding out that information which made others start using the appropriate pronouns. 
Kandis Capri was shot to death the night of August 11 in Phoenix, Arizona. At the crime scene her phone and wallet were not found. Kandis 35 years old and indentified as transgender using ‘her/she’ pronouns. Her mother, Andria Gaines, was against it at first, but still chose to love her or in her words “I still loved him and I accepted him as he was”. Talking to reporters Gaines still used ‘he/him’ pronouns and referred to Kandis as her son. 


Elisha Walker had been missing since November 2014 and has just recently been found buried in a “crude grave” located in North Carolina. She was a 20 year old trans woman. Her body was found over 100 miles away from where she lived. 

23 year old Angel Dejesus Arias has been charged with her murder and stealing her car. As of August 13th he’s being held without bond. 

Shade Schuler’s body was found in a field on July 29th in Dallas, Texas. The body being badly decomposed was determined to be hers on August 10th. She preferred to be called Ms. Shade and was only 22 years old. When first indentified the police released the death as a “black male”, but when they figured out she was transgender started using the appropriate pronouns.

No information on how she was murdered has been released. 

  • 41% of trans people have attempted suicide
  • There’s a 1 in 12 chance a trans woman being murdered
  • A 1 in 8 chance of being murdered if you’re a trans woman of color
  • 80% of trans kids in school feel unsafe

These are just the RECENT murders of trans people; let’s forget about the others. 

Trans Lifes Matter.

Trans Black Lifes Matter.

Black Lifes Matter.







OOTD: Casual Park Day


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Hi guys! 

Recently I was on vacation and picked up a lot of items from various stores. (I made a haul video- check it out here.) I’ve been making a bunch of different outfits using them and I went to the park a couple days ago and found this outfit perfect for that occasion.

I’m wearing high-waisted trouser pants from Forever 21 (link) paired with a cream colored crop-top with lace detailing on the side (link). I wanted to vamp it up a little bit so I added to the outfit two different body chains; (here & here). Since I was going to the park I wanted to keep the shoes simple and easy, so I went with a classic flip-flop bought from a local store near me. 

Makeup wise: I went with a neutral smokey eye, using the Naked Palette, and paired that with a red lip, Clinique’s All Heart. 

Hair wise: I left it natural, so loose, beachy waves. This would look good with a messy braid too!

That’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed 🙂




Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself

Oscar de la Renta